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Riverbank Landing Building II Ground Breaking Ceremony on Friday November 10, 2023

Boudreau Communities held the ground Breaking Ceremony for Building II at Riverbank Landing on November 10, 2023. Thank you to all who attended!  To learn more about Riverbank Landing visit

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We are excited to announce that Boudreau Communities and our current projects have been showcased in the prestigious Build Canada Magazine! The feature article dives deep into the essence of Boudreau Communities’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and community development. We invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable recognition and to read the full article by clicking here.
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Boudreau Communities is proud sponsor of Riverbank Landing 1St Annual Rain Maker Rodeo Breakfast. Look forward to seeing you for breakfast on May 24!!

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Rave Reviews From Our Clients and Partners:

“Boudreau has proven itself to be a top-quality developer, as evidenced by Botanica. Their development has attracted strong, unique independent businesses and restaurants, which add to the lifestyle options for all St. Albertans, businesses that would not likely have opened in St Albert, without such a unique and beautiful development.”

“Botanica is my third condo living experience in St. Albert, so I am not expressing these thoughts from a lack of experience. My three year exposure with Boudreau Communities staff has been the best housing experience of my close to 8 decades on this planet. ”

“Boudreau Communities is fully committed to creating high quality, mixed-use developments that help to build and enrich communities. While some developers do the ‘bare minimum’ of what is required with no vision for the long-term outlook of the areas they are building in, we have found that Boudreau Communities has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that their developments meet the highest standards.”

“Working with Boudreau Communities these past years it has been very evident that the attention to detail with both the Botanica and Riverbank Landing projects has been impeccable. Not only from an architectural design sense but more importantly how the building will integrate with the community. In referring to the word community, Boudreau Communities has kept this at the forefront of their vision for Riverbank Landing.  To me it’s been an amazing experience to witness the sense of community that the Botanica projects has created, and the vision for Riverbank Landing is no different. “

“A development like Riverbank will provide quality living spaces, commercial opportunities and amenities that are much needed and would service the entire city.”

“As a purchaser of one of the condos in Botanica Phase II, we were drawn to St. Albert and more specifically Botanica, as we were looking for a community that encapsulated modern and environmentally sustainable living in a progressive city.”

“ The developer is bringing forward this application with a proven history of being able to develop this site at a standard that is consistent with the City of St. Albert resident’s expectations. The developer has worked with the neighboring community on many occasions to try and address concerns and has made several changes accordingly.”

“The Boudreau Communities has a proven track record of performance and quality.”