Boudreau Communities

What we believe

We believe in creating communities where each life is lived to the fullest. It’s through our comprehensive commitment to quality; quality people, quality partners, quality locations and quality construction, that we offer a better way to live.

CORE GUIDING PRINCIPALS…everything we do, action we take, relationship we build & decision we make is based on these…

  • TAKE 100% RESPONSIBILITY…if we say we will do it, we will own it and make it happen! We are owners in our projects and commit to the same level of accountability on yours.
  • VALUE DIFFERENCES…it’s through diversity, discussion and collaboration that an idea or goal can be brought to life in the fullest, most dynamic way, often surpassing exceptions.
  • ESTABLISH TRUST & EARN RESPECT…trust is the single most essential element to our ability to achieve extraordinary results. We deliver on our promises, act with integrity, commit to high ethical standards in all we do and say, ensuring the trust and respect of our customers, partners & team, remains strong.
  • GAIN CREDIBILITY…our credibility stems from working in respectful collaboration with our customers and partners, doing what it takes to deliver on our promises & exceed expectations, while adhering to high ethics and sustainable practices for each project we take on.

ENVIROMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY…leaving our world in the best shape possible for the generations that follow is important to us and therefore so are sustainable building practices. It takes commitment from the entire team, engineers, architects, designer, trades and the client to work collaboratively to reduce the overall impact of a build on our natural environment. Being environmentally responsible and striving for ‘green building’ is our goal and we will present opportunities for sustainable design and environmentally friendly building materials whenever possible. Great design can exist in a healthy, respected environment.

TRUST AND CONFIDENCE are built over the long term. At Boudreau Communities, we know our clients and partners not only look for immediate results but also for assurance that our economic, environmental and social performance will endure over time. We take pride in the reputation we have carefully built over time and today referrals are our number one source of new clients.

We Do